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RHID (Belgium)

Nestled in the setting of the Campus Renaissance in Brussels, the Institute is a think tank serving the entire security and defence community. As such, the Centre for Security and Defence Studies (CSDS) of the RHID produces numerous publications under the form of studies, Focus Papers or e-Notes on very varied issues such as the spread of weapons of mass destruction, terrorism or transnational flows. The monthly conferences deal with various themes and attract each month a well-informed audience. Colloquia in cooperation with other think tanks are organised. In 2010, one on small, micro and nano satellites used in crisis management; the other on the theme of human security and hard security. The Institute also co-organised different experts seminars.
The Department Scientific and Technological Research of Defence manages each year about hundred scientific research projects in various fields such as bioterrorism or the protection of soldiers in operations. Whereas the Institute has over the years changed into a think tank, it still undertakes a training task by organising each year a series of seminars and official visits gathering high-ranking members of the military or the civil community, coming from our department but also from other federal public services or civil organisations. Those seminars, of which the Department High Defence Studies is in charge, provide the participants with a quality multidisciplinary approach as regards security and defence.
The Institute, which adopted its current form in 2006, aims at suggesting objective data in order to ease the political and military decision-making process.

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