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Interactive map of the region

The purpose of this interactive map is to provide a country-by-country overview of the Implementation Status of Non-proliferation Measures in the Middle East.

For the purposes of this map the working definition of the geographic area delineated by the “Middle East region” is taken to be that established by the 1991 report of the UN Secretary-General, “Effective and Verifiable Measures which would Facilitate the Establishment of a Nuclear-weapon-free Zone in the Middle East”, namely, the Member States of the League of Arab States, along with Iran and Israel.
Other conceptions of the potential demarcation of a zone exist, such as that provided by the 1989 IAEA study “Technical Study on Different Modalities of the Application of Safeguards in the Middle East”, which takes the region as including “the area extending from the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya in the west, to the Islamic Republic of Iran in the east, and from Syria in the north to the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen in the south.”
The geographic delimitation of a WMD-free zone in the Middle East thus remains a subject of debate, which should normally ultimately be resolved by agreement of the States concerned.

Comoros and Palestine are also members of the League of Arab States