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Editor: EU Non-proliferation Consortium
Publication director:
Camille Grand
Editor in chief:
Benjamin Hautecouverture
4 bis, rue des Pâtures, 75016, Paris, France
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The International Law and Policy Institute

The International Law and Policy Institute (ILPI) provides analytical work, juridical briefs, and policy advice within international law, human rights, corporate social responsibility, governance, and country/conflict analysis. ILPI is established with the conviction that the combination of academic excellence and operational policy experience facilitates “hands-­on” solutions and the ability to handle complex processes and issues. ILPI is based in Oslo, Norway, but has an extensive network of partners worldwide.
ILPI has extensive competence in identifying and analyzing humanitarian, developmental and legal challenges related to weapons and their use. Our experience includes the development and implementation of policies, programmes and legal frameworks at international and domestic levels.

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