Focus – The EU and the CWC
(November 2015)

The OPCW headquarters, The Hague

Overview of the latest EU documents, publications of the Consortium and publications from the network regarding the EU support for the implementation and the promotion of the Chemical Weapons Convention

“As further progress on destruction is made, we progressively move from disarmament of chemical weapons to preventing their re-emergence. We welcome the note by the Director-General on the future role of the Organisation. We also welcome his initiative to organise a retreat of Ambassadors on this issue that took place on 1 October. We look forward to working constructively on its conclusions. The EU wishes for a successful security and disarmament organisation that will remain relevant in front of the new challenges. In its future role, the OPCW will need to retain or enhance several of its capabilities and primarily ensure an adequate verification regime, including investigations of alleged use and challenge inspections. In this respect the effective implementation of Article VI verification regime is key in preventing the re-emergence of chemical weapons. It goes without saying that the Organisation should continue to ensure that staff has the necessary skills and expertise to meet its operational requirements. The EU supports the important recommendations contained in the SAB’s Working Group Report on Verification which aim at strengthening the Chemical Weapons Convention verification regime.”

Statement on behalf of the European Union
by H.E. Pierre-Louis Lorenz (Luxembourg)
at the 18th session of the OPCW Executive Council,
The Hague, October 6, 2015

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