Focus – The Iranian nuclear crisis (October-November 2014)


Overview of the latest EU official documents, publications of the Consortium and publications from the network regarding the ongoing Iranian nuclear crisis

"We've been here in Vienna for the Iran Nuclear talks, following on from the Joint Plan of Action that we agreed in Geneva in November, to move towards a Comprehensive Joint Plan of Action that would restore confidence in the Iranian Nuclear Programme being entirely of a peaceful nature. We've made a lot of progress, we've discussed all of the key issues and drilled down into some of the substantial areas that need to be discussed.

We've decided that we are going to, within the framework of the Joint Plan of Action, extend the time that we spend on this. We have within that framework until 24 November 2014. It was a year long framework. The reason for that is that though there are still substantial differences on core issues, a lot of work has been done and we've agreed, with the ministers of the E3+3 and, of course, with Iran, that we would like to try and complete this process and to take this extra time in order to do that.

The next step is that people will return to capitals, they will consider the issues. We will bring the E3+3 together again in the next few weeks and I will meet with my Iranian counterpart, Minister Zarif, in order to continue our discussions. And then we will move to that stage and work out the timetable to do that. Our mission is to achieve this as quickly as possible, but we are determined to make sure that the agreement is a very good one."

Catherine Ashton, 19 July 2014

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