The EU SALW Strategy (January 2014)

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Overview of the latest EU official documents, publications of the Consortium, and publications from the network regarding the European Union Strategy to combat illicit accumulation and trafficking of SALW and their ammunition

“The EU has always argued that in order to make a real difference to people affected by the irresponsible and illicit use of conventional arms, the international community needed a treaty that is strong and robust. The Treaty adopted by the General Assembly today, meets these requirements. The ATT that UN Member States have negotiated and adopted is one that contains strong parameters on international humanitarian and human rights law and will apply to a wide range of arms, including ammunition. These were clear priorities for the EU and for a significant number of other UN Member States, which are reflected in the ATT adopted today.”

Statement by EU High Representative
Catherine Ashton on the adoption of the Arms Trade Treaty
by the UN General Assembly, Brussels, 02 April 2013

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