Syria's proliferation concerns and EU policies: an overview (June 2013)

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Overview of the latest EU official documents, publications of the Consortium, and publications from the network regarding Syria’s proliferation challenges and concerns

“I must refer to the situation in Syria. The existence of chemical weapons is a severe threat to the population of any country and a serious threat to regional peace and security. The EU is gravely concerned about the possible use of chemical weapons in Syria. We emphasize that any use of chemical weapons, whether by a State or by a non-State actor, is abhorrent and must be unreservedly condemned. The Syrian authorities bear a particular responsibility to ensure that their chemical weapons are stored securely pending independently verified destruction and are not permitted to fall into the hands of any other State or non-State actor. The EU expresses its full support for the decision of the United Nations Secretary-General to determine the facts in relation to the allegations of the use of chemical weapons. It is important that all parties cooperate fully with the investigation and permit unfettered access to the investigation team. We also express our appreciation to the Director-General and his staff for the measures they have taken to support the investigation. The EU looks forward to discussing with all States Parties how best to reflect this threat to our shared goal of a world free of chemical weapons in the outcome of this Review Conference.”

Ambassador Jacek Bylica,
Third Review Conference of the States Parties of the Chemical Weapons Convention,
April 08 - 19, 2013, The Hague, Netherlands

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